How much can I earn in Ecommerce?

When stepping into a new job, it is useful to know how much you can earn in that given job, and the ways to earn a higher salary in the same industry. Working in Ecommerce can be a great opportunity to earn a very generous salary, but as with every job, the more experience you have the more you will earn.

Ecommerce is a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction that involves the transfer of goods across the internet. Ecommerce exists in a number of industries, and due to the electronic exchange system, barriers such as time and distance don’t exist.

Salaries in Ecommerce have a large range, going from a minimum of £30,000 per year, up to £81,250 per year. Often this range is dependent on the experience of the professional in the business. The minimum salaries are often students leaving college or graduating from university, whereas those who earn more are often vastly experienced in the industry. The median annual salary in the UK is £52,500.

There are two main routes in Ecommerce, which involve organisations being either B2B or B2C. For both methods, carrying out transactions electronically can give the business competitive advantage over more traditional firms who do business face to face. You can earn more in Ecommerce due to the benefits that it offers to customers, such as no queues and easy access.

The average salary can also depend on the area of the job. Below are some average starting salaries for major cities in the UK:

  •  London- £52,500
  •  Manchester - £42,500
  • Edinburgh- £80,000
  • Glasgow- £32,000
  • Birmingham- £42,500
  • Leeds- £45,000
  • Leicester- £37,500

Useful skills to possess that will be beneficial to succeeding in Ecommerce include the abilities to design, analyse data and write content. Having these capabilities will enable you to earn more in Ecommerce, as your skillset is larger, which you can demonstrate to employers and candidates.

The hours can be fairly flexible with Ecommerce. The normal hours worked are generally 9-5.30 but extra hours are always there to take in if need be and if there is a project that needs to be finished by a certain deadline. There is also the possibility of working from home and working part time due to the online platform that Ecommerce exists on.

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