What are the job opportunities in Ecommerce?

E-Commerce Marketing Co-ordinator

E-commerce websites are looking for market co-ordinators who have organisational and leadership skills that ensure the implementation and execution of marketing efforts across the company. To become a marketing co-ordinator often you need some experience, however to take the first step it is useful to have a bachelor’s degree that is related to marketing.  If you are a leader with good vision and the capabilities to direct a team, E-commerce offers this opportunity.

Rich Content Developer

When customers shop online, they want rich content that gives them detailed information in the bid to be assisted towards making a purchase. For Ecommerce websites it is integral to provide worthwhile information to customers, as with so many direct substitutes to products, if one website doesn’t provide detailed information on a website, then the competition will, and churn more revenue. Therefore technical and creative writers are in demand to facilitate this process as rich content can protect brand and product integrity.

Web Designer

For Ecommerce companies, it’s important to have a website that attracts potential customers. Therefore one job role in Ecommerce involves being a designer who can design creative ads and images to support campaigns and category promotions throughout the year. The job role is vital for all Ecommerce companies as graphic and web design are fundamental for online marketing.

E-commerce Project Manager

This job opportunity covers a range of responsibilities, it starts with the responsibility of taking all the information on board to get a given project underway. Once this information has been dissected, the manager will pick a team that is suitable to successfully carry out this project. The stages that follow this include analysing activities, creating a time frame, monitoring the progress and making sure all the developments are suffice for when the site is ready to upload the new products. If the Ecommerce website offers more tailored products, it’s necessary for the project manager to have constant interaction with the customer to make sure the customer is satisfied.

C# Developer

C# is a modern, general purpose, object-oriented programming language designed around the Common Language Infrastructure. A great C# developer is capable of handling many aspects of developing an application, including but not limited to performance, scalability, security, testing, and more. C# developers can develop modern applications that run on desktop computers, or even sophisticated back-end processes powering modern Ecommerce applications.

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